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Hair tourism hot spot - BudapestHungary is a favorite destination for medical tourism for decades now. This is not surprising. Hungarian doctors do everything possible to take good care of this privileged position and to maintain its famous reputation. Initially, in the 70’s, it was cosmetic dentistry that dominated health tourism. Then, since the 90’s, there has been considerable development in other sectors as well, including the hair transplantation. Today, Hungarian hair doctors and specialists occupy the first place in both of these sectors of medical tourism in Europe. According to the requirements the environment is also constantly evolving, as a result, we serve our patients in the most modern and best equipped clinics and surgeries in Europe. In addition to the above written we present some irrefutable arguments which will help in making your decision:

  • FUE2-SAFESystem, the latest technology in hair transplantation and grafting
  • Painless treatment
  • Permanent solution
  • Affordable prices for everyone
  • Professional medical team
  • Super-equipped clinic, corresponding to the 21st century
  • Treatment plan and billing, based on the number of hairs (not the graft, which is misleading)
  • Personalized packages
  • Satisfied patients – see before and after page
  • Direct and cheap flights – simple and fast journey
  • After contacting, we respond in 24-48 hours in English.
  • Helps to achive an increased hair density
  • Short or immediate deadlines
  • Quiet and family atmosphere
  • The beautiful city of Budapest, interesting and exciting for all

About the hair transplantation in general

Hair implants for men and womenIt is recommended to all (women and men) who seek for different reasons and purposes the best solution to end with baldness definitely. A solution that is quick and painless. It is recommended for all those people, who don’t wish to spend more time for different experiments and spend more money for various drugs, liquids, miracle shampoos.

Numerous things can cause hair loss, among them we have the stress, diseases, genetic reasons or poor nutrition, but there is only one definitive solution and that is the hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique, through which hair follicles/hairs are extracted from one part of the head/body and implanted into another part affected by hair loss or baldness. The hair transplantation can be used to repopulate areas of the head affected by androgenic baldness, specific to men, but also hairy areas such as the eyebrows, mustache, beard, so almost any part of the human body can be restored.

There are follicles/grafts with 1, 2, 3 and 4 hairs called follicular units, which in addition to a small amount of scalp also carry their nerve, muscle and sebaceous gland. With the new techniques of extraction and implantation, the capillary reconstruction is absolutely perfect and unnoticed for most of the people.

The extraction of these hair follicles for the subsequent hair implantation is done through three  main surgical methods:

  1. The FUT (FUSS) hair transplantation method

FUE vs strip method for hair transplantThe FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) is a classic method, where under local anesthesia a strip or a line of the scalp is removed / cut and from which the follicular units are immediately removed through a manual procedure, under microscopes. The resulting wound is sutured and what remains, is only a thin, almost invisible linear scar, which can be covered quite easily. The recovery time is approximately two weeks, but this depends also on the amount of the transplanted hair.

  1. The FUE hair transplantation method

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). The difference compared to the FUT is that with this method the follicular units are individually extracted through perforations of between 0.6 and 1.25 mm around the follicle/graft. Each hair follicular unit is a viable hair graft and is transplanted in the desired area without having to go through any other separation and choice process. As the follicles/grafts are removed one by one, only small scars remain that will be invisible after curing and the postoperative pain is reduced to the minimum. The recovery time is also reduced to about 7 days from the time of the intervention, but this depends also on the amount of the transplanted hair.

  1. The FUE2 – SAFESystem hair transplantation method

FUE hair implants are fast, safe and low cost in HungaryFUE2 S.A.F.E. System (Follicular Unit Extraction – Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction) has been developed from the FUE technique. As its name says, it is a similar method, but with a new technique that is only supported by the new advanced instruments, specially developed for this type of hair transplantation. Two main things that are part of this method: the use of blunt circular needles or micro-knives and the storage of the hairs (follicles) in a special regeneration liquid with which can be achieved a 10% -15% faster and potent growth, compared to previous hair transplant systems. The recovery time is the less of all, it is about 4-5 days from the time of the intervention, but this depends also on the amount of the transplanted hair.

Preoperative conditions for hair transplantation

  • Do not take any medication for several days before the intervention
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of tobacco if possible
  • Alcohol and tobacco use may reduce the survival rate of the grafts

Hair Transplantation – The surgical intervention

Since it is not a complex surgical procedure, it can be performed with only injected local anesthesia, which lasts approximately 6 hours. Before the intervention, the hair and scalp is well washed with shampoo and after than treated with an antibacterial agent to avoid the possibility of any infection.

With the FUT method, a strip of the skin, with dimensions of 1 to 1.5 cm. wide and 15-25 cm. long is removed/cutted from the back part of the skin of the head. While the wound closes, the team of assistants dissects the follicular units/grafts of the skin strip, minimizing the damages that could be caused to the follicular cells, which will be used for the hair transplantation or capillary graft.

FUE technique for lasting hair transplantWith the FUE method and the FUE2 S.A.F.E System, the extraction of hair follicles is performed follicle by follicle, and there are only very few scars, sometimes invisible. After the collection of the follicles/grafts, using micro-blades or very fine needles, the area that is to receive the capillary grafts is prepared, giving specific shape and angle which way the hair grafts will have a realistic pattern and according to the hair. Then „only” remains the insertion of the individual grafts in their place, a work that can take quite some time.

Post-operative care of the hair transplantation

The receiving area of the transplantation is very vulnerable and it must be protected from the sun. Shampooing begins after the second day after the procedure. Shampoo is important to prevent the formation of scabs around the hairs.

The transplanted hairs will fall out for the first 10 days but will begin to grow again after two or three months and increase growth and thickness over the next 6 – 9 months.

Side effects of the hair graft intervention

One of the side effects is the thinning and falling of implanted hairs, but this is a temporary effect, such as swelling of the scalp, itching, etc … But all these side effects are transient and after a while it will all return to normal.

Tratment plan and price offer in 24 – 48 hours

Contact us for consultationTo ask for a quote, we need clear pictures of donor and recipient areas. Based on these photos the specialists of the clinic prepare the detailed price offer, with the number of hairs needed and also indicating the time frame in which the treatment can be performed. The different clinics apply prices for the hair graft, based on the complexity of the intervention and based on the number of hairs to be transplanted or/and based on the duration of the surgery. The price difference between professionals is very low. Everything is based on the reputation, experience and professionalism of the doctor and of the clinic and not last, is based on the technique applied. The doctors at the clinic of La Porta – HairHungary always calculate and establish the price based on the amount of hair and not on base of the amount of the follicles, because that would be misleading. This is the only correct and accurate way to communicate the expenses!

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