Cheap hair transplant Turkey

In the great competition that is observed in the tourism of hair transplant, the Turks offer their services with great discounts. Services that are available already from 2000 EUR. Most clinics in Turkey are in relation with travel agencies. In these incredible offers from the agencies and from the clinics, there are several that include the accommodation, the travel and the hair transplant operation as well, of course much less expensive than European competitors can offer. Is this possible?

Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth Ep 127 – Going Turkey For A Cheap Hair Transplant? Watch This First! from Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth on Vimeo.

According to the interviewed man, in Turkey operate around 250-300 hair transplant clinics. Among these, there are clinics where 10-20 surgeries are performed every day. The man interviewed, divides these hair transplant clinics into three different groups:

  • Clinics where only the assistants or technicians are present, and they are the ones who are doing the interventions, the doctor at most, only gave his name, but she/he, has nothing to do with the hair graft operation.
  • Clinics supervised by a doctor/specialist. A doctor is already present here, but the assistant does the operations. The assistant can be managed and supervised by the doctor.
  • Clinics run by doctors, where the doctor is present and participates personally in certain parts of the surgery process.

The prices of hair transplant surgeries (especially in the first two groups) are very low, sometimes much lower than the international average. So it is no longer surprising, that it is attracting a large number of patients to Turkey. The gentleman interviewed, participated in a hair transplant consultation in Istanbul, the video tells about his terrible experiences.

Well, based on this, everyone can decide where to go, to do the hair transplantation, what type of responsibility and attitude they expect to receive as a treated patient and how the complications that arise during or after treatment will be treated or resolved and in the end can be determined If it’s really worth the “cheap” surgery, and if it will not cost much more in the end?

The reality in Hungary and in other European countries, strictly controlled by the EU, is completely different and safe, while the prices of the hair graft, although seem somewhat higher than in Turkey, are still very attractive. On the other hand the patients, not only receive safety (in a medical and in a personal sense), but they also receive a highly developed infrastructure, a team of professional doctors/specialist, the highest technology and hair transplant clinics registered and controlled by the European Union. The hair transplantation or grafting, is an international business where many participants appear and when the patient takes his decision, he has to attend to several things because it is very easy to be wrong.

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