Hair transplant cost Ireland


Hair implant pieces EUR / hair
From 0 to 2000 1.29
From 2001 to 3000 1.19
From 3001 to 4000 1.09
From 4001 to 5000 0.99
From 5001 0.89

FUE hair transplant cost and price packages in Budapest, HungaryIn order to calculate in a simple way, the prices in our hair clinic in Budapest – Hungary, are determined by the amount of hair that will be implanted and not by the quantity of the follicular units, with other words the grafts. The follicular units/grafts can have 1,2,3 or up to 4 individual hairs. It is important to know that the follicular units/grafts are never separated / cut to hair by hair implants.

Many clinics in relation to hair transplantation calculate the price in follicular units/grafts, which is unsafe and incorrect, since in these cases the exact number of hairs needed is not determined exactly. Naturally this is not by chance, this game with the numbers is ideal to confuse the patient. If you leave near Dublin you can take advantage of low cost airlines that have direct flights from Dublin to Budapest. Ryanair connects Ireland and Hungary and male patients especially can benefit from direct flights which let them sit in the hair transplant surgeon’s chair within 3 hours.


Important: None of the clinics can give the right number of follicular units/grafts needed until they are examined under a microscope. Still, the number of hair per unit/graft can be very different. Some surgeries dare to give an average (1.5 or 2.2 or whatever) but can hardly be accurate. The only exact and correct is, if we calculate with hairs!


(Limited offer)


Package content:

  • Implantation up to 2.000 hairs
  • Blood test
  • Airport transfer (round-trip)
1.999 EUR

Package content:

  • Implantation up to 3.000 hairs
  • Airport transfer (round-trip)
  • Accommodation for 2 nights
2.999 EUR

Package content:

  • Implantation up to 4.000 hairs
  • Airport transfer (round-trip)
  • Accommodation for 3 nights
  • Flight ticket (up to 180 EUR)
3.999 EUR

Package content:

  • Implantation up to 5.500 hairs
  • Airport transfer (round-trip)
  • Accommodation for 4 nights
  • Flight ticket (up to 180 EUR)
4.999 EUR

Package content:

  • Blood test
  • Implantation up to 7,000 hairs
  • Airport transfer (round-trip)
  • Accommodation for 4 nights
  • Flight ticket (up to 180 EUR)
6.699 EUR


Second person in the hotel (double room) 20 EUR / day / person

Extended stay in the hotel 60-80 EUR / night.

Please always check the capacity of the clinic and the remaining availability of hair implant packages. The clinic of La Porta-HairHungary reserves the right to modify or to limit prices and number of packages without prior notice.

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Tel: +353 85 777 58 57 (IE)

Factors influencing costs and prices

There are many factors that affect hair replacement cost. Both men and women lose hair on different levels and as a result they will need different hair replacements. Hair transplant cost will be different for each person as there will be differing amounts of hair that needs replacing.

Our hair clinic  has the hair transplant procedure FUE2 SAFESystem, that is guaranteed to provide a permanent solution to hair loss. Whether you have slight hair loss or extreme balding, or hair clinic will work out a suitable procedure at an afforable price!

Before the hair restoration cost is decided, patients undergo to a consultation or hair loss assessment with our hair specialist. During the assessment, the doctor will carefully go through each option and help determine your treatment plan and the hair replacement procedure which will be suited to your requirements. In case the personal consultation is not possible, the patient should send by e-mail high quality pics from the donor and from the bald areas aswell, which help our doctor to prepare the personal plan and quotation. The hair loss treatment pricing is dependent on the size and area of balding to be treated, the density of hair espected to be achieved, the density of hair in the donor areas and the elasticity of the skin.

The cost for each patient is based on the number of hair that need to be transplanted during the procedure and of course we take in consideration the patient’s hair loss history and his/her expectations of hair re-growth aswell. We understand that not everyone loses the same amount of hair, which is why we tailor our hair transplants to individual circumstances.

Not everyone has the same hair loss problems or hair and skin type, which is why it is important to distinguish cost according to the individual. During the consultation, mentioned above, patients will be informed of the number of grafts that need to be removed for the procedure to be a success. You will also be told the quote depending on your hair loss severity.

A hair replacement can cost anywhere between Ł3,000 to Ł9,000 on average in the UK. Hair implants for men will be slightly more expensive than women’s as the balding is usually more sever. The price offer in Hungary varies from person to person. The invoice for the FUE2-SafeSystem procedure might be dramatically less depending on the treatment you require and what we can help you obtain.

When thinking about pricing, you should keep in mind what you’re really searching for is value for money! Alternative hair restoration procedures that provide quick solutions may cost less, but will not provide the satisfying results a hair transplant can offer.  Our hair clinic in Budapest, Hungary, will offer viable results in the long run.

So when considering your overall cost, keep in mind you only have a opportunity to get it right the first time. Now all this possible with cheap hair loss treatment in Budapest, Hungary!



Hair transplant cost Ireland
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