Top quality dentistry in Budapest!

Traveling simple, easy and fast – At La Porta Dental we have been welcoming our foreign patients for two decades now at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Budapest, to their utmost satisfaction. Beside the favourable prices, a huge advantage is that Hungary is only a 1-2 sometimes 3-hour flight away from most of the European countries, so it can be easily reached and at any time! With this, as well as with the fact that our practice operates in accordance with the strictest Hungarian and European Union standards and regulations under controlled conditions, we not only offer an alternative, compared to the practices in Turkey, but also provide serious advantages to our patients, just to mention the distance and travel time or the validation of the guarantee.

Outstanding dental services

Nothing indicates better the preparedness and professionalism of our dental team and clinic than the wide range of our services, single or full tooth replacement with implants, complete or partial zirconium dentures, “All-on-4®” and “All-on-6®” systems, to name just a few.  Bone replacement and bone transplantation are also included in this list, with which we can also help patients who suffer from a serious bone deficiency and may have already given up on the option of fixed dentures. These bone graft surgeries are performed under anesthesia with the help of a professional anesthesiologist and his assistants.

Innovation and development

Of course, we also think of those patients who suffer from metal allergies! Thanks to the development of technologies and materials, we now have at our disposal high-quality, metal-free ceramic implants which quality and durability correspond to the similar properties of the traditional titanium dental implants. These ceramic implants, supplemented with zirconium crowns, are a completely metal-free solutions that can be used by the above-mentioned patients with complete safety.

Is it worth traveling to Hungary for dental treatment?

It comes down to value for money. Our prices are very favorable compared to most Western European prices. Savings can reach 40-70%, of course, depending on the size of the treatment. Considering the outstanding quality of the materials and the treatments, this is a very significant cost saving and worth considering, as dental treatments and solutions that often seem unattainable will become feasible. But make sure yourself, just send us a recent panoramic x-ray and in 1-2 days we will prepare and send you a free of charge treatment plan with the price quote by e-mail!

Dental treatment in Budapest: is it safe and reliable?

It is true that there are some competing countries, such as Turkey, where the prices may be lower, but again we come to the issues of distance, travel time, controlled conditions, quality and warranty validation. Our dental clinic in Budapest with its services and guaranties is a great and uncompromising alternative for patients who choose quality, reliability and safety at affordable prices!

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