The first signs of baldness – Decision made in time

Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Pitbull, after an imaginary hair transplant

The first notable signs of baldness appear in 40% of men, over 35 years. Hair transplantation is capable of preventing extensive and spectacular baldness, but this requires that the procedure, ie. the hair transplant, should be carried out in time, since the first requirement of hair transplantation is the appropriate density of the donor area. If the baldness is already in advanced state, the density of the donor area may be insufficient or limited to achive a complete and dense coverage, without defect of the hair. Therefore, if you want to avoid the development of a fully discovered head, it is worth participating in a hair transplant consultation in the initial phase of baldness to determine if we are suitable for the procedure.

Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham or Pitbull, are among the few to whom baldness suits well, but if they had made the right and necessary steps in time, it is possible that they would have maintained their natural hair .

And how would they look now? … We do not know it for sure, but something like this:

Of course, there’s the other side who says: I’m not interested in how baldness would suit me and if I can do the hair graft, then I do it as soon as possible. And of course all the requirements are fulfilled: there is determination, the donor area is ideal for the transplant and economically it is also feasible for the patient. If the determination is missing or the donor area is not optimal, then we can not help, but if the obstacle is or has economical nature, then yes! At our hair transplant clinic in Budapest, in Hungary, we offer prices, which are approximately 50% cheaper than they offer in other Western European countries, while the method is the newest in this area of microsurgery.

Take advantage of this opportunity! The only thing you need to do is request an offer. This we prepare it and send it to you, based on your photos in no longer time than 1-2 days. The photos must be taken from the front, from both sides left and right, from the back and from the top of the head and you can send them by e-mail of course.

For more information, to request an appointment or to request a quote, please contact our clinic by e-mail or by phone.

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The first signs of baldness – Decision made in time
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