Hair loss surgery

Thinning hair, hair loss is no longer a state you cannot do anything about. The modern FUE hair restoration method is non-evasive, scar-free and painless procedure! If you have been concerned about your hair replacement surgery, there is no need. At our hair clinic will make the procedure as comfortable as possible while giving you a look you can feel confident about. Receding hairline can be stopped and reversed at an affordable cost! Make your hair grow back with us and change your life – frontal hairline lowering, new hairline design is now more than possible!

Here are the steps you can expect from your fue (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant surgery:

  • Cleaning the scalp
  • Applying local anesthesia (mild sedation optional)
  • Taking hair follicles from the skin from the back of the scalp
  • Placing follicles in predetermined, natural-looking patterns at the location of hair loss

The procedure lasts four to six hours, with recovery taking two to five days. Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable during the procedure, and thrilled with your results afterward.

What Affects Hair Transplant Cost

Cost can be an issue for many people seeking hair transplants. We do not want the financial burden to hold you back from receiving this valuable and life-changing service. When you call us, we can set up a free consultation with you to discuss the details. We customize every treatment to the type of hair loss you are experiencing. As a result, hair transplant cost can fluctuate and price promotions might be in place. Contact us for your free consultation so we can get a better idea of the cost of your procedure.

A Fast and Easy Hair Recovery with Hair Transplants

Recovery is another aspect of hair transplantation people worry about. This is a relatively small worry; however, you should be prepared to take some time for recovery after your hair transplant. The areas of hair surgery and grafting can be quite tender for a few days. Compared with other surgeries, the recovery is relatively quick – about two to five days for most.

You can schedule your appointment near a weekend if you want to avoid losing time at work. We will also educate you about how to care for your hair during those first few days and beyond. You may notice that your transplanted hair goes through the normal phases of hair growth; some hair will fall out naturally before it begins a new growth phase.