Hair transplant team

The members of the hair transplant team at La Porta-HairHungary in Budapest, participate several times a year in international courses, congresses, study tours and in visits of other hair transplant clinics. This is why the latest procedures and the currently available methods are well known and kept up to date. As the exclusive innovation partners of HSC Colorado – USA, in the work of our doctors-specialists helps and assists continually the most respected hair transplantation doctor in the world, Dr. James Harris.

Dr. Péter Vancsó – plastic surgeon, medical director

Since finishing the University of Medicine, the surgical profession completes a large and important part of my life. During my professional development I have been fortunate to learn and practice this beautiful profession alongside the best personalities of the Surgery. The most outstanding, without exhaustive are Prof. Dr. Antal Renner and Prof. Dr. Gusztáv Gulyás. With their help, following their examples and advices I learned a lot. My professional activity covers the cosmetic surgery, the most modern existing hair transplantation method – the FUE2-SafeSystem, the reconstructive plastic surgery and the hand surgery.

Dr. Balázs Simon – Hair transplant specialist and surgeon

I finished my studies at the University of Medicine in Szeged, where from the first years of my studies I consciously oriented myself towards the plastic surgery. Hair transplantation is an extremely difficult profession which in the continuation forms a very good basis for plastic surgery interventions with all their required details, at an almost artistic level in intensity and acquisition of skills. As a plastic and hair transplant surgeon, I always try to achieve the maximum precision, which I can guarantee with the help of the techniques and instruments provided by our clinic in Budapest.

Dr. Tímea Boros – Hair transplant specialist and surgeon

In 2012, I graduated at the University of Medicine and Hospital in Debrecen – Hungary. Later I began to work in Vác, in the hospital of Jávorszky Odon, in the department of general surgery. From 2014, I returned to Budapest and continued at the Honvéd Hospital (civil and military) where I performed a series of special and life saving surgeries. During my professional development it was certainly a great help that I chose my profession purposely. Since I was a child I loved this profession, therefore my life is not accompanied by chance, but is a continuous construction with purpose. Hair transplantation today is a perfected process, which can change the lives of many patients. The goal is always the maximum, from the precise design to the realization and thanks to the special instruments required by SafeSystem process and thanks to the American Association, to achieve this, the whole base is perfectly secured.

Dr. Tünde Szalai – Hair transplant specialist and surgeon

I studied and graduated at the Medical University of Szeged – Hungary. During my university years I have participated in several professional courses of surgery and hair transplantation in countries such as United States and Portugal. After the graduation the destiny made me find myself again with the hair transplantation and after spent my first time in the surgery, I knew what is what I want to do professionally. Hair transplantation not only requires from the doctor what is the professionalism, the perfectionism, the precision but ensures open and effective communication, which contributes greatly the trust and mutual sympathy between doctor and patient, which I believe ultimately is the promise of everyone’s satisfaction.

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