FUE – Trivellni Mamba nano long hair

 Trivellni Mamba nano long hairThe latest hair transplantation procedures and technologies are available first in the world at our clinic. Of course without visible scars!

Hair transplantation (hair restoration) is the process of redistribution of the hair follicles. During the procedure, the hair follicles which are insensitive to the balding process are removed and placed in the receiving area. The aim of the procedure is to properly implant the hair both technically and aesthetically to achieve maximum results, which means high survival and growth rates, beside the naturalness.

The number of hair follicles to be moved has limited reserves, which vary from person to person. It is important to use the patient’s donor area wisely and to remove only the sufficient amount of hair follicles to maintain sufficient reserves for a possible future hair transplantation or in case of the thinning of the original, non-implanted area. The Trivellni Mamba Nano Long Hair System patented by Dr. Roberto Trivellini, is a hair removal system and our clinic was among the first of introducing it in the the world. Thanks to Dr. Roberto Trivellini, we apply the method with the least amount of trauma and the most accurate results possible. Beside the Trivellini Mamba is still available with the Safe System removal method aswell. There are several important innovations in our clinic in Hungary, that are not applied elsewhere.


The device, conceived by Dr. Roberto Trivellini, is a revolutionary device in the field of FUE hair implantation, combining the breakthroughs of the technology and the use of materials in recent years. Compact, lightweight but with a host of features that gives you unprecedented surgical freedom. The MAMBA features individually adjustable rotation functions, oscillation, mechanical vibration, and vacuum, which provides unique and unmatched graft extraction quality.

The difference between the Trivellini Mamba and the Safe System

The Safe System, developed by Dr. James Harris, the first in our clinic to use in Hungary and Central Europe, was designed to replace the manual FUE procedure. Safe System is a safe hair loss tool that has been a pioneer for over the last 8-9 years and is still popular in clinics. The disadvantages are that it cannot be calibrated and that it can be used to obtain grafts relatively slowly.

FUE safe systemDr. Roberto Trivellini took into consideration and eliminated all the factors that are a weakness of current FUE, including Safe System, when developing the Mamba. After 7-8 years of continuous development and testing, he managed to create Mamba, which is unmatched in calibration, in use and in the reduction of surgical trauma suffered by the grafts.

Programming option

It has a level of calibration that is tailored to the capabilities of each of our patients, so that we can perform the optimum hair extraction as quickly as possible, whether on the scalp, beard area, or anywhere on the body.

FUE graft counter

Graft counter

The device records each graft extraction so you can be sure that the right amount of hair is removed. The numbers don’t lie!

Smart react system

Mamba Smart React’s automatic function, detects the drill, as it touches the scalp and automatically starts hair removal without using the pedal.

Trivellini flared punch

Thanks to the trumpet-form hair extraction head, the number of cutted grafts, which cannot be used during the surgery, is minimized.Trivellini flared punch


In every case, the procedure is preceded by a thorough medical consultation, where we assess your needs, check your options for aesthetically the most optimal and natural results.

With the help of the latest medical technology, active hair bulbs are transplanted from the back of the head to the rarer/bald areas, which bulbs are insensitive to hormonal changes so that they will survive all over the time.

The hair follicles removed  for the hair transplantation are stored in a special (liposomal ATP) fluid to achieve earlier hair growth and 10-15% higher hair growth rate, than without the use of storage fluid.

cell regeneration technologiesThe cell regeneration technologies are effectively serving the post-operative healing and the reactivation of your own untransplanted hair follicles aswell, because of this, the PRP therapy is strongly recommended as an additional element of the hair transplantation.

This brand new procedure is only available at La Porta – HairHungary Clinic in Hungary!

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