Duration of FUE hair loss surgery

The speed of follicle extraction is a noteworthy perspective in the FUE hair-transplant method, it is furthermore important, that speed, should not enhance the injury of hair follicle vitality.

In case if FUE method isn’t executed suitably, there are chances of various mistakes, influencing the success of the operation. In case the surgeon didn’t go through the proper learning curve pertaining each and every step of the FUE hair transplantation method, the first and most important consequence seen, is the high transection of the harvested follicles and the surrounding donor follicles in the vicinity of the extracted ones. This reduces the amount of available healthy donor hair follicles that can be transplanted, during a possible future hair transplant and leaves an injured donor area behind.

The speed can be achieved with experience and additionally, with the proper intra-operative logistics. Other contributing factors are instrumentations, patient comfort and smooth, and the properly done local anesthesia.

Why immediate implantation is probably the most important part of the logistics in the operating room? The reason is, the time that follicular unit spends outside of the blood circulation, causes graft ischemia, hence time the graft spends outside the body, certainly affects hair growth in terms of quality and quantity. From the aforementioned factors, the time out of the blood supply seems to affect the vitality and survival of the small tissues the most. While the small surgical units, in this case the hair bulbs, sit outside of the body, they can desiccate, or being injured by the higher temperature outside the blood circulation. As an alternative method, to reduce the duration outside the body, simultaneous or immediate hair follicle implantation can be performed.

Followings are the ordinary mistakes of inexperienced surgeon and advices:

  1. Attempting in performing a treatment size that is absurdly enormous for the experience level. This causes an inordinate measure of strain, to extract hair grafts at any cost and thereby compromising hair graft quality.
  2. Inexperience with the device or method being used. Train with a master in the methodology she/he pick and practice before handling patients.
  3. Improper level or nature of magnification used for the dissection/preparation. Get high-gauge quality loupes of in any occasion approx. 3.5× enhancement.
  4. Not recognizing the vulnerability of the FUE and using the same handling protocols in every case. Each patient is different!

So basically our main professional advice would be, that do not overly hurry with the hair removal and in between continuously checking the quality of the harvested tissues is crucial for the benefit of the patient while maintaining the proper timing during the operation.

In our clinic in Hungary, we continuously achieve to adapt the best instrumentation,  which today is undoubtedly the Trivellini Mamba Nano System, we organize the most effective graft preserving strategies and the most ideal intra-operative logistics, for instance, starting and ending time of the operation. All these factors contribute to the quality of our operating team, as hair transplant operation ideally should be done once, with the highest possible standard of care.

Source: Hair-Hungary

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