Once you have visited our hair clinic for your hair loss concerns, we will take the time to sit down with you and discuss an overall solution. The consultation process is more than just working out the hair replacement cost, it is designed so you can obtain detailed information and walk away with informed knowledge.

Current Hair Loss Situation

During the consultation we will assess your current hair loss and determine the severity on the hair loss scales. Men’s hair loss is determined by the Norwood Scale whereas women’s hair loss is determined by the Ludwig scale.

Assessment of Donor Region

The maximum amount of hair that can be obtained out of one FUG (follicular unit graft) procedure is determined by the level of density, flexibility and length of a patient’s donor region (back and sides of the scalp.

Donor Density

We will determine the number of follicular units growing per square cm in the donor region. Typical donor density regions are:

Below Average density 45-59 per cm²
Medium density (most common) 60-74 per cm²
High density 75-90 per cm²

Donor Flexibility

The term donor flexibility is defined as the ability to move the skin located within a patient’s donor region in different directions. The easier and further that the skin can be moved, the more hair that can be obtained by the hair transplant surgeon on the day.

Donor Length

The surgeon will measure the length of your donor region to determine the maximum number of follicular unit grafts that can be obtained from one procedure. This will help to create the hair replacement cost, as it is based on the follicular unit grafts inserted.

Hair Characteristics

The characteristics of your hair will also affect the hair replacement cost and will be discussed during the consultation. Our surgeon will work out your hair type, colour and shaft diameter.

Maximum Follicular Unit Grafts

After assessment of the donor region and above factors, the maximum number of follicular unit grafts can be obtained. An estimate of hair replacement cost and time can then be given.

Surgical Plan

You will have the opportunity to indicate which hair replacement option you desire. We will also assess which hair replacement will bets suit your hair loss. After the consultation has taken place, our hair clinic will also send a personal assessment to ensure you have all the information to make a decision you’re comfortable with.

Hair Clinic in Budapest, Hungary – Venue of the Hair Transplant

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